Cushy makes it simple to connect with people interested in exploring same experiences you do. You can recommend any place you’ve found in 3 taps and talk about it to the members of group’s channel.

Channels have all the experiences, that anyone who belongs to the channel, can discuss in real time with other members or they can use the experiences for themselves.

Explore Public channels related to anything to which you are interested in your city and beyond.

Share an Experience, which we call a Cushy, by just taking a picture of any experience. Be sure to keep your GPS turned ON so Cushy can capture the place's exact location! That way when you share it in a channel the other members and anyone that discovers your experience will be able to go to the exact spot.

Get to know how many people used your experience to actually visit the place you recommended.

Follow & chat with interesting explores in your city and across the world.

Create your own channel around any interest and invite anyone. You can keep your channel public or private though it would be easier to meet new people if it his public.

We created Cushy to make it easy for people with specific interests to join together, explore, share, communicate and discover. We were not able to do this easily or comfortably before regarding experiences and hence Cushy was born.